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Advantages of Using IMEI Gurus Phone Unlocking Service[edit]

It is important to know the advantages of using IMEI Gurus for unlocking your cell phones. There are various brands and models available in the market which have been customized to cater to the needs of different customers. The unlocked smartphones were introduced with the aim of allowing the customers to buy their favorite handset of their choice and to use it with any network provider that they want. This is a unique way of unlocking a phone and changing the phone's SIM card to fit into a new SIM card of the customer, which is another reason for the advantages of using IMEI for unlocking phones. You can visit if you want to avail of the services of IMEI Gurus and want to know the advantages of these phone unlocking services. Most of the network service providers of the United States are banning or removing the SIM cards of some handsets. There have been several instances where customers have to pay a hefty fine and spend extra time on roaming since their service providers have blocked their SIM cards from fitting into other networks. To avoid this hassle, it is better to use IMEI for unlocking, which can be done by contacting any IMEI Gurus authorized service providers who offer the best phone unlocking service. Reading the reviews will give an idea about the quality and efficiency of the service provider. The advantage of contacting such a service provider is that they offer a variety of unlocking options such as software or manual method, which can be followed to put a new SIM card to a specific phone model. Most importantly, these service providers offer a free consultation to the customers so that they can assess which method would be suitable for their needs. This IMEI code cannot be used for phone numbers that are already in use. In such cases, the company which offers the SIM unlocking service will have to look for another service provider who can help in unlocking the phone. Customers can also request an IMEI code to add a new line to their phones. The best thing about activating new SIM cards with the help of this facility is that the phones become 'unlocked' and can be used with any other network available in the market. This has ensured the users that now they can easily switch over to any other network that is better.